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AVICHE uv oem hepa commercial air purifier for home for covid

Item No.: C2
AVICHE uv oem hepa commercial air purifier for home for covid for South Africa
UV Air Purifier -C2 / Bring fresh air home
C2 UV Air Purifier is designed for room, hotel, and conference room etc. It used patented micro negative ions technology can make the PM2. 5 reduce to 0 in room. The sterilization rate is 99.9% which can quickly offer fresh air. It can real-time display the room air quality like PM2. 5, chemical pollutants, temperature and humidity etc.
PM2 . 5
PM2 . 5 = 0
Efflcient area: up to 62.3 m2
Operation Mode
Touch Control 
Sterilizaton rate: 99.9%
Second-hand Smoke
Real-time Display
Functional Features
360° Full Circulation
Efficient area: up to 62.3 m2
Patented new technology air duct system, 360 dead-zone free air intake design and the oblique blow pressurization air duct technology, the nature real fresh air is directly bowed out to room roof and fall down to long distance space. which can quickly complete room air circulation
UV sterilization
After purifying the outside air through the filter, the ultraviolet rays released will destroy the virus structure and fundamentally kill the virus
Does not produce ozone, harmless to humans. can be used normally in the room with people Recommended for home, office, and other places
Technical Specification
Product Name UV Air Purifier
Model C2
Color  White+Black
Recommended Room Size Up to 62.3 m2
Sterilizing  Rate   99.9% 
Particle PM2.5 Filter out  99.9% 
TVOC  99.5%
UV Sterilization  UV-C lamp or UV+ Ozone
Noise <35dB(A)
Input Power
AC100-240 50Hz/60Hz
Wattage 72.5W
Noise <70dB
Screen Display Digital Real-time Display
Fan Speed 1-2-3-4-5 (5 sets)
Dimension (DIA x H) 320 x 320 x 650 mm
Net Weight 10.3 kgs
Body Material ABS
Operation Mode Touch Control 
Length of Power Line 1.8m
Filters Pre-filter + Bamboo Fiber + Bamboo Charcoal + HEPA Composite Filters   155x260x300mm
UV sterilization 
 HEPA Filter sterilization
Bamboo Fiber sterilization 
Bamboo Charcoal Adsorption sterilization
Air quality Indicator Good: Green, Moderate: Blue, Unhealthy: Yellow,
Very Unhealthy: Red
Picture Display